Welcome to Still The Mind.

I am a Mum, an Actress, a Teacher and a Reiki practitioner.

I am a story-teller.

A truth seeker.


I have always been fascinated with people, with emotions and behaviours and I have always had a great passion for learning.

After completing my BSc in Psychology I went on to gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

I spent 10 years teaching children aged 5 to 10 years.

While teaching, I specialised in speaking and listening and Drama and I set up and ran after school drama clubs.


After 10 years of teaching 100's of wonderful children I felt a pull to change direction.

I had always had a strong desire to act, from a very young age, but I never believed this to be a realistic or viable career path.

However, this inner call to act became so loud I could no longer ignore it, so at age 33 I left the safety of my teaching post, jumped into the total unknown and started to train as an actress.


After a couple of years of training and travelling around the country acting in student films, I was able to get an acting agent and I started booking work in Theatre, Tv, Film and Commercials.

I am still acting now.


Whilst completing my acting training I was introduced to meditation, not something i'd ever really tried before because my brain was too 'chatty' to stop.

However, the audition nerves, the inevitable rejection and the 'quiet times' were all taking their toll on my mental and spiritial well-being, so I gave it a try.


This time I was hooked. The calmness, peace and mental clarity that I experienced from regular meditation was profound. I began reading more about mindfulness as a therapy and used it in my family life with my own children as a way to help deal with those harder emotions, anxieties and worries.


In 2015 I found a meditation group led by a most wonderful Reiki Master who taught some of the more formal aspects of meditation and mindfulness. I studied with her for a year. I then went on to train with her to be a Reiki Practitioner, completing my Reiki level 1 and Reiki level 2 in 2016.


In 2017 I combined all these skills and passions and completed the inamojo facilitator training.

Inamojo is a 9 week well-being course for children, which includes meditation and mindfulness, simple yoga movements, dance, storytelling and a sprinkle of magic!  


Life can get very hectic if we let it. We need to learn how to take time throughout our day to rebalance, recharge and be present.


All my therapies and teachings have breath work, alignment and mindfulness at their core.


I believe we are all in this together.


Let's Dance...