About me...

Here's a little history...


I grew up loving the performing arts. I danced and acted my way through childhood. After my Theatre Studies A'level I desperately wanted to go to Drama school but no one suggested I should go or told me 'you would be great!' To be fair no one said I shouldn't go either but my insecure 17 year old self took that to mean I wasn't good enough and should forget about it. So I didn't even apply. I decided to follow my love of people, my fascination with behaviours and emotions and studied Psychology at University, which I loved. After some procrastination and a lot of travelling the world I decided to study Teacher Training. I had always had a great affinity with children and loved the idea of nurtuting and supporting young minds.


Many years passed, I loved the teaching, I led Drama clubs, directed every school production I could and felt I was making a positive contribution to my pupils' lives. I got married had two beautiful children and life was great. However after 7 or 8 years of teaching something began to change. Politics, constant changes to the curriculum, so much paperwork which had nothing to do with supporting and nurturing the children. The creative subjects, the storytelling and the personal, social and emotional lessons were being constantly swallowed up by core subject demands. Suddenly my teaching career was not as fulfilling as it once was, I was spending my evenings and weekends planning and ticking boxes and it seemed far from the nurturing young souls that I had envisaged the role to be. I knew it was time to make a change.


A nagging, niggling restless, dissatisfied feeling kept following me everywhere. I had constant daydreams of acting and pangs of regret and sadness that I couldn't do it, that it was too late. I ignored these feelings for almost 2 years hoping they would just go away. Then one day I couldn't take it anymore and I woke up and told my husband I was leaving my teaching job to become an actress! I knew I had to try, even though there was a high chance of failure, I couldn't continue to ignore the pull from my soul. Luckily for me he smiled and said 'if it will make you happy you should do it'. Wow! This was it!


So after 10 years working as a Primary School Teacher I made the decision to leave to pursue my childhood dream of becoming an actress. I felt immense guilt at leaving teaching; there was part of me that felt like I was abandoning the children but I had faith that this was the right path to be taking.


I started training, shortly after I found an agent, I started booking jobs on stage and screen and I am still acting today.

During my acting training I met many great teachers who helped me to trust myself to listen to my instincts and believe in the power within. They ignited a fire within me, a passion, which was the beginning of a spiritual journey, a journey that is helping me live a truly authentic life.


In 2014 I met a wonderful spiritual teacher, a Reiki Master, who taught me the value of meditation. Meditation and stillness have helped me access my inner strength, more clearly hear the voice of my true self and heal old wounds and insecurities through self love and forgiveness. I was receiving and learning about the benefits of Reiki from her for two years when I felt the call to become attuned and train to be a Reiki Practitioner myself. I wanted to be able to share the benefits of Reiki with others.


Having experienced such joy and freedom from my acting training and inner strength from meditation and now deep emotional healing from Reiki I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing it would have been to have had all these skills as a child.


I wanted to somehow formulate this learning into a program accessible for young children, to help equip them with some life tools so that when life got tough, too busy and loud they had some practical skills to turn to, to calm down, to increase their feelings of self worth/self esteem, to empower them, to trust themselves and to follow their instincts. It was at this time that I found Inamojo or Inamojo found me! When I saw this program of well-being I knew it was the magical teaching I was looking for.


This combination of skills, passions and teachings is how Still The Mind was born.  




Still The Mind